The One Type of Data That Could Change Every Trade You’ll Ever Place

Written by The Money Lab Team on December 5th, 2017

Is it better to trade in real-time, or in future-time?

How do you make your tradinginfo-icon decisions?

Is having the data you need to buy and sell stocks in real-time what makes the difference?

Milliseconds can make the difference between profitable trades these days, and some brokers even position themselves closer to the stock exchange with dedicated lines to take advantage of this.

But for some sophisticated investors, having real-time data might just not be early enough.

You see, there’s an exploding realm of big data taking place, and its applications of predictive analytics are already changing the markets.

Goldman Sachs famously employs more engineers than Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn!

Citadel, a secretive US hedge fund, calculates the outcomes of more than 500 “doomsday scenarios” per day to assess the potential risk for the firm from geopolitical and other potential crises.

Quantitative traders use streams of data and complex algorithms to create models of the market to find predictable patterns, and create machine-derived forecasts.

Heck, experts have even gone on record to say that as much as 35% of Amazon’s revenue comes from the practice of anticipating exactly what you want.

Predictive data is already here, and it’s changing the markets whether we like it or not…

But the big question is whether or not predictive data can revolutionize the markets?

Let’s find out…


Can Predictive Data Revolutionize The Markets?


The One Type of Data That Could Change Every You’ll Ever Place