How To Trade The VIX

Written by The Money Lab Team on January 24th, 2018

The pro traders secret to profiting from fear in the market

Did you know that you can actually trade fear?

Better yet, you can actually profit from it!

And it’s all made possible with something known as “The Fear Index”.

Or as its better known, the VIX.

You see, the VIX is comprised of an index of the 500 largest stocks in the US, and represents their volatility.

With the VIX being such a great indication of volatility, it’s become a popular term you might have heard numerous times on CNBC or in financial circles.

The price of the VIX can sometimes indicate fear (hence where its name comes from), but other times it can reflect complacency.

Either way it’s a popular trading option for professional traders and institutions from around the world.

But how exactly does the VIX work, and how do you trade it?

Let me show you…


How To Trade The Fear Index Like A Pro


Trading The Fear Index Like A Pro


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