What Sets Professional Traders Apart From You

Written by John Stuart on November 6th, 2017

Discover how you can gain an advantage over professional traders

There are two types of traders in the world.

I’m guessing you’re the first type…

You trade for your own personal account, you probably focus on indicators, price patterns and technical systems, and you got your trading education online or from resources on the net.

You’re what the industry calls a ‘retail trader’.

Then you get the big boys, or as they’re better known - Institutional traders.

These guys trade for a company or organization (like banks, brokers, hedge funds and so on), and more often than not they’ve got their education in finance or economics from a university or college.

They also tend to focus more on fundamentals and their trading psychology, but it goes so much deeper than that.

There’s so much that sets these two types of traders apart, and you, from the professional trader.

But how exactly does an institutional trader differ from you, and better yet, how can you get an edge over them in the market?

Let me show you…


The Two Types of Traders Revealed


What Sets Professional Traders Apart From You