What Does Your Trading Station Say About You?

Written by John Stuart on August 2nd, 2017

Is your trading station killing your chances of finding winners? Find out here!

What’s the state of your trading station and desk?

I’ve worked with quite a few traders over the years and I’ve literally seen them all!

Can you barely see your trading screen because of all the mess that’s piled up over the weeks and months?

Or do you prefer to keep a hospital-ward-like area, free from clutter and germs, and everything at the right angles?

Perhaps you like to fill your desk with plants, photos and other bits and bobs to give it some personality?

In fact, recent research has shown that the state of your station can have an effect on your overall performance.

And since you’re frequently at your workspace, certain quirks of your personality are usually apparent there too.

What if I told you that there are five types of traders that the state of your trading desk could define you as: The Clutterer, The Minimalist, The Sick Note, The Techie, and The Personalizer.

That’s why I want to show you what each are, which one you might be, how they affect your performance, and what they say about you (all backed by science of course).

Check it out…


What Type of Trader Are You?


What Does Your Trading Station Say About You?