How 23 Novice Traders Became Overnight Millionaires With Only 14 Days Training

Written by Juan Kotzee on March 23rd, 2017

How 23 Novice Traders Became Overnight Millionaires With Only 14 Days Training

Have you ever doubted that you could actually make millions from the stock market?

If you have, there’s something you need to hear.

I want to tell you that our potential of becoming a stock market millionaire is far greater than you ever imagined!

And how exactly do I know this?

Well, just a few decades ago a Wall Street legend plucked 23 completely random people from obscurity and spent two weeks teaching them how to trade.

We’re talking a pianist, a game designer, an accountant, a black jack player…

Not PhD genius’s, nobody with any discernible talent, just everyday people like you and me!

After 14 days of showing them what to do he gave each of them $1 million to trade with.

I know, it sounds like something out of a Hollywood movie – But it actually happened!

I’m sure you’re probably wondering what happened next?

Well, the pianist began to trade, and started raking in millions…

As did the card players… And the 25-year-old accountant…

And the remaining 19 people.

But what exactly did this Wall Street legend teach them?

Don’t worry, I’m about to reveal everything to you…


Are Money-Making Traders Made Or Born?


It’s often said that as many as 90% of traders lose money in the market!

Why do you think that happens?

I can tell you it comes down to one simple thing.

But I’ll touch more on that in a second.

The fact of the matter is that nobody is born a good trader.

It doesn’t work like that!

Successful traders are made, not born.

And nothing proves this more than the story I mentioned above.

The story of the turtle traders…



The Secret That Made The “Turtle traders” Millionaires


Let’s get back to our story…

In mid-1983 famous commodities trader Richard Dennis was having an ongoing dispute with his long-time friend Bill Eckhardt about whether being a good trader was a product of genes or if it could be taught.

Dennis believed that he could teach people to become great traders.

However, Eckhardt thought genetics were the determining factor.

Eckhardt believed that exceptional trading came from within and that it could not be taught.

Dennis, on the other hand, argued that anybody could be a good trader through proper education.

Their argument got so intense that they decided to put their theories to the test.

Dennis recruited 23 people from all sorts of different backgrounds and started a training program to help see how each would perform after some training.

In their training, each recruit was given a set of rules to follow, but in the end, it was entirely up to them how they would trade.

The students were called the Turtles.

You see, Dennis, who had just returned from Asia when he started the program, explained that he described it to someone at the time by saying, “We are going to grow traders just like they grow turtles in Singapore".

Dennis gave each of them $1 million to trade with. 

And what followed was one of the most famous stock market stories of all times!

The Turtles became the most famous experiment in trading history, and over the next four years they earned an aggregate sum of over $100 million dollars.

That’s no typo… Yes, over $100 million dollars!

Richard Dennis proved that with a simple set of rules and lots of practice, he could take people with little or no trading experience and make them excellent traders.


How You Can Become A Turtle Trader


The story of the Turtle Traders is as motivating for traders as it can get!

Whenever you feel down and think that you’re just not born for trading, think of the Turtle Traders.

They had zero trading experience yet most, if not all of them were able to make big cash during their run with Richard and Dennis.

When it comes to online trading, you have to remember that traders are made not born...

No-one was born with any trading skill. Those are acquired through rigorous training and the right education.

Unfortunately, I can’t give everyone $1 million to trade with, but I can give you is all the trading rules you need to be successful.

Simply keep an eye out on the Money Lab in the coming weeks where I’ll be releasing more details very soon.

In the meantime, there’s one simple question you need to ask yourself…

Do you have the discipline to consistently apply the right rules to be a successful trader?

Until then, here’s to profitable trading. 

Juan Kotzee | The Money Lab

Juan Kotzee
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