10 Ways To Stay Profitable No Matter What The Market Does

Written by Lisa Meyer on March 16th, 2018

The secret to trading profitability comes down to this one thing…

If you’re not doing this, there’s no way you’ll ever make money trading…

And let me tell you, most traders I know commit this market sin!

It’s little wonder why only 1% of traders ever make money, net of fees.

Think about that for a second.

Only 1% of traders ever make a profit, after fees.

That’s crazy!

But today I want to share with you the one thing the money-makers do that help them avoid becoming a bad statistic.

I’m talking about setting trading goals.

You see, if you never set goals, how can you ever measure your trading performance?

Without that kind of benchmark, and ability to know how you’re performing against it, you’ll find yourself adrift in a sea of losses.

Like the 99% always do.

Setting goals, measuring your performance against them, and ultimately sticking to them is what separates the good traders from the bad ones.

That’s why I want to show you 10 ways you can create your trading goals, how to actually maintain them, and ultimately how you can make money no matter what the market does.

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How To Set Trading Goals & Crush The Market Like The Pro’s Do


10 Ways To Stay Profitable No Matter What The Market Does