What Exactly Is Bitcoin?

Written by Lisa Meyer on October 3rd, 2017

Understand Bitcoin in 3 minutes or less

Have you invested in Bitcoin yet?

I don’t have to look further than my Facebook timeline to bump into quite a few people who already have.

Or at least those that constantly rave about it!

“It going to pay for my trip to Spain”

“It’s easy money, I’m telling you”

“If you haven’t bought Bitcoin yet, you’re a chump!”

The problem is that most people have heard of Bitcoin, some have even bought a few based on the recent craze, but very few actually understand how it works.

A lot of people have the completely wrong idea of what Bitcoin actually is and how it works.

You see, Bitcoin hasn’t actually been around for that long, and it’s pretty technical, so getting a handle on how it works can be a little tricky!

But that’s exactly why I wanted to share this with you today, because in 3 minutes or less I’ll show you how you can understand Bitcoin better than the majority of people who are actually buying it!

Check it out…


Bitcoin 101: Everything You Need To Know


Bitcoin 101: Everything You Need To Know