How To Spot A Crypto Ponzi Scheme

Written by John Stuart on February 14th, 2018

The red flags you need to know that could save your life savings

It makes me want to scream…

Imagine pouring your life savings into an investment only for you to lose half of it, or worse yet, the entire thing!

Unfortunately I’ve seen this happen with the rise of cryptocurrencies, and it makes my blood boil.

I’ve witnessed people on Twitter boasting about taking out loans, others on Facebook pulling money from their bonds, some even convinced family to put money in, and others have even put their life savings into cryptocurrencies.

The worst part is that 99% of these people don’t know what a good investment is, let alone how to spot a volatile asset class, so all they’re doing is gambling!

There’s no difference to what they’re doing and just going down to the casino and putting it all on black.

When you gamble you lose money, and that’s just on the volatile cryptocurrencies out there, so what about the fraudulent ponzi schemes that have popped up in the crypto world?

The rise and fall of Bitconnect is a perfect example!

Investors were promised a specific amount of growth over a specific time (Ponzi red flag right there), but all that happened was their accounts got suspended, and some investors even lost EVERYTHING they put into it...

This is the worst thing that can happen!

And it’s scary to think that at one time Bitconnect was one of the most popular ICO’s too.

Let’s delve a little deeper into the rise and fall of Bitconnect, and find out how you can avoid a crypto ponzi nightmare!

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The Rise And Fall of Bitconnect


How To Spot A Crypto Ponzi Scheme