How Bitcoin Reached The $10,000 Milestone

Written by Lisa Meyer on November 29th, 2017

Discover how the world’s most disruptive currency reached a milestone moment

“It’s a scam!”

“The bubble is going to pop, and you’re going to lose your money!”

“It’s a pyramid scheme, stay away from Bitcoin!”

There’ve been plenty of naysayers over the past few years, some even going as far to predict the end of times for Bitcoin.

But that hasn’t dented the cryptocurrency’s journey one little bit.

In fact, it’s been a remarkable year for the crypto-king, and as of today Bitcoin’s broken through the $10,000 barrier.

To put it in perspective, that’s about 10x higher than where it was in the beginning of the year.

That’s some seriously impressive growth for a currency all the major players have been very vocal about.

But how did Bitcoin even get this far, and what milestones did it pass to hit that $10k psychological barrier?

Let me show you…


REVEALED: How Bitcoin Broke Through The $10,000 Barrier


How Bitcoin Reached The $10,000 Milestone
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The Journey To $10,0000 Bitcoin


Here are some of the key Bitcoin events that have taken place this year:

Bitcoins Key 2017 Events

And here’s how long it took Bitcoin to get past each $1,000 barrier:

Bitcoins Key Price Events
Note: These time periods are calculated based on closing prices for the Bitcoin Price Index on Coindesk