The Future of Crypto Payments In The Retail Market

Written by Lisa Meyer on April 23rd, 2018

Are cryptocurrencies set to be the new cash? Find out here…

Its officially war!

The old financial guard is up in arms about the state of cryptocurrencies, and how they’re sweeping over the world like crazy.

And there’s a good reason they’re all calling for the crypto annihilation!

You’re talking about financial institutions, like banks and brokers, that’ve made silly amounts of money from financial practices mostly hidden from the world, and where your data is housed behind closed doors.

But cryptocurrencies have changed all that!

Better yet, the growing crypto movement is starting to offer people like you and I a constantly expanding number of options.

That mean the monopolies some of these institutions have are starting to crack.

However, whilst the notion of crypto’s has hit the mainstream, their practical use is still catching up.

You see, there’s a definite demand for crypto’s in everyday transactions.

That demand is still early, but its sizable!

In fact, did you know that in 2017 the amount of brick-and-mortar retail stores who accept crypto grew by 30.3% (to 11,291 retailers globally).

That number is only set to grow too, and people are really warming up to the idea.

A recent survey from Lendedu found that 40% of people familiar with crypto’s are open to using it in everyday transactions!

That means whether the banks and financial institutions like it or not, crypto’s are driving an evolution of their clunky, old and outdated payment schemes.

Payment schemes they’ve used to overcharge people and make millions from.

Things are really changing, and its happening quite fast too.

Before you know it, cryptocurrencies could pay for your next tank of petrol, that quick bite to eat you grab for lunch, and even your groceries.

Could cryptocurrencies be the new cash?

Simply read on to find out!


Are Cryptocurrencies The New Cash?


The Future of Crypto Payments In The Retail Market