5 Common Cryptocurrency Myths Busted!

Written by Lisa Meyer on February 15th, 2018

Don’t let these 5 common myths destroy your crypto trades

You don’t see this happen very often.

New investable asset classes don’t come around all that often, and cryptocurrencies pretty much took the market by surprise!

They feel like they’ve just exploded into the stratosphere, from nowhere, and into the mainstream in next to no time.

The problem with meteoric growth like that is that a few common misconceptions tend to pop up.

Which is totally understandable, right?

I mean how often do you see any asset class, let alone a new one, offer investors 36,000%+ growth?

So, it’s easy for a few things to fall through the cracks, and for traders to get burned by them.

Its exactly those crack-falling myths I want to tackle today.

In fact, there are five common crypto myths that have been doing the rounds of late, and if you’re not careful they could hurt your trades.

But what are these five dangerous myths, and what should you be doing instead?

Let me show you…


Demystifying The 5 Most Popular Crypto Myths


5 Common Cryptocurrency Myths Busted!