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How Mickey Mouse, Spongebob And The Cookie Monster Can Inspire You To Financial Success

Written by Dave Johnson on November 30th, 2017

Here's how to solve the problem most wealth gurus don’t teach you about

I’ve spoken to a lot of wealthy people in my time, and the vast majority of them preach about one thing.

It’s what you’ll hear people with money talk about often…

It’s the focus of the too-many-to-count wealth building seminars out there…

And it’s probably something you’ve even heard a few times before as well…

You see, financial success is about mindset much more than it is about actual money.

Your mind shapes your money - The way you obtain it, grow it, and even spend it.

But what most Instagram celebrities won’t tell you is that there’s two sides to money.

The good and the bad.

What I mean by that is when times are tough, and there are mental obstacles in the way, most people never talk about this stuff.

It’s always fast cars, piles of money, and lavish holidays (if you believe the Instagram pictures anyway).

The thing is though, it’s during these tough times, and the financial “school fees” that come with them, that shape your path to wealth.

Which is why grinding through the tough times is so dang important.

When your mental batteries are flat, and you need a bit of a boost, a little inspiration can really go a long way.

That’s why I want to share some sage wisdom from a bunch of beloved children’s characters, from Spongebob, The Cookie Monster, and even Mickey Mouse.

Inspiration can sometimes come from the wildest, wackiest, and strangest of places, so if you’re looking for some, simply read on…


Your Dose of Financial Inspiration


How Mickey Mouse, Spongebob And The Cookie Monster Can Inspire You To Financial Success