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How Exactly Do Banks Work?

Written by John Stuart on November 30th, 2017

Demystify the worldwide banking system in just 6 minutes

Were banks always this complicated?

It sometimes feels like the banking system is a bit of an enigma, a sort of mystery that only people with PhD’s can solve.

So, we all know they do stuff with money (most of which is pretty tricky to understand), but what didn’t help matters was the financial crisis of ‘07/’08.

It left a deep-rooted feeling of mistrust and confusion, and there’s little wonder why unregulated currencies like Bitcoin have come to the fore.

That’s exactly why I wanted to shed a little light on the worldwide banking system!

I want to show you where banks came from, why they exist, how they caused the financial crisis, and potentially even a few alternative choices.

Check it out…


Explained: How The World’s Banking System Works