Stock Stories: Just How Big Is Apple?

Written by The Money Lab Team on November 14th, 2017

Here’s what Apple would look like if it were a country

The elusive trillion-dollar club…

Who would’ve thought 40 years ago when Apple was founded in a garage, it would be heading to these lofty heights in 2017?

One of the key players, and one of the most valuable company’s in the US stock market, Apple commands a market cap of $800billion. It’s the ninth largest company in the world and the third largest in the US (in terms of revenue), so we’re talking about some serious money here.

Sometimes numbers like these are hard to get your head around, and a little context might help.

So, what if Apple were more than just a company?

What if they were a country, as a standalone state containing its own economy, housed in its own standalone state, with their own standalone reserves?

With the revenue they generate it’s not hard to look at them like this…

But what would that look like?

Let me show you…


If Apple Were A Country


If Apple Were A Country