The 5 Factors That’ll Shape Your Portfolio In 2018

Written by Lisa Meyer on February 6th, 2018

Discover the 5 key trends that’ll impact the global markets this year

It’s been an investors paradise, hasn’t it?

We’re roughly nine years into the second longest bull market in history!

But how long will that paradise actually last?

In fact, recent headwinds have made for an interesting start to 2018.

And it’s left investors seriously re-evaluating their portfolio exposure… But the real tricky bit is that there’s still more to come!

According to Swiss banking group Swissquote, there are five market factors that’ll have an impact on the global markets, and ultimately your portfolio, this year!

That means you have a serious advantage over other investors right now.

How so?

Well, you have a market ‘cheat sheet’ ready to warn you against some of the years big portfolio-crushing incidents.

But what exactly are they, and how could they affect your portfolio?

Let me show you…


5 Key Trends That’ll Impact The Global Markets This Year


The 5 Factors That’ll Shape Your Portfolio In 2018