Where Are The Ultra-Rich Investing In Property?

Written by Lisa Meyer on July 5th, 2017

Discover the precise locations where the worlds wealth elite are investing in real estate

Have you ever wondered where the world’s richest people put their money?

Most opt for property in some shape or form, and they even tend to stick to certain locations around the world.

Whether it’s a 15,000-square foot mansion in the UK or a classy penthouse in New York over-looking Central Park, they tend to be extremely particular.

And for good reason too!

The past few months have been topsy turvy to say the least – Brexit, the US election and the continued capital outflow from China – meaning the buying behavior of the world’s wealthiest people has changed.

In the luxury real estate space the problem is that one year’s boom is another years bust…

So, where are the ultra-rich buying property right now?

Let me show you…


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 Where Are The Ultra-Rich Investing In Property?

Source: Christie’s International Real Estate