How To Short Penny Shares

Written by The Money Lab Team on October 27th, 2017

Learn how to make money from losing stocks

There’s something very special about penny shares…

Big risks can offer mammoth rewards, and the world of penny shares is no different!

In fact, that’s what makes them so exciting and so potentially profitable at the same time.

You see, blue chip or top 40 companies don’t have the same room for growth that smaller companies do.

Think of it this way, a smaller company has far more potential to earn triple digit growth (over a far shorter period) than a top 40 business like Vodacom does.

But it works both ways though, these smaller businesses also have more room and chances of tanking whereas a Vodacom doesn’t.

Most investors shy away from penny shares because of this volatility, but the few investors who know how to short penny shares (IE betting against the company) make an absolute fortune in the markets.

But how exactly do you short a penny share, and what should you do in the process?

Let me show you…


How To Make Money From Losing Stocks


How To Short Penny Shares