The Global Shift In Wealth Over The Last Decade

Written by The Money Lab Team on February 5th, 2018

Here’s how wealth has changed hands over the last 10 years

$215 trillion.

That show much money can be found in private wealth, across the world, right now.

That’s an insane amount of money.

The scary thing is that amount is actually a 12% increase from 2017!

In fact, according to New World Wealth that figure includes wealth held by the general population, as well as the 15.2M millionaires (who have $1M+ in assets), 584,000 multi-millionaires (who have $10M+ in assets), and 2,252 billionaires (who have $1B+ in assets) in the world.

But like everything money related, it hasn’t always looked this sizable.

Market performance, the movement of high net worth figures, demographic trends, and other factors constantly play a role in shifting this figure.

So how exactly has the global shift in wealth played out over the last decade, and where has it moved to?

Let me show you…


REVEALED: The Wealth Market Performance From 2007 – 2017


The Global Shift In Wealth Over The Last Decade
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Over the decade between 2007 to 2017, here are the top countries based on percentage of new wealth added in terms of U.S. dollars:


Over the same period (between 2007 to 2017), here are the worst countries based on percentage decrease, in terms of U.S. dollars: