Using Other People's Money Made Me Millions

Dear Future Property Millionaire,

There’s a bizarre but VERY profitable secret the property industry does not want you to know.

Most wealthy property investors pray you never get your hands on it…

Real estate agents are desperate you never discover what it is…

And the property investment elite do everything in their power to make sure only they know how it works!

It’s a weird but extremely profitable property investing technique that some of the wealthiest property investors I know have been using for decades to grow their wealth through property.

Penthouses in Cape Town, apartments in London, holiday homes in Spain, you name it…

But the thing is, it has the very real potential to make ANYONE who knows how to use it serious amounts of money. Including you!

Imagine banking numerous, hassle-free rental pay cheques every month, for the rest of your life?

I’m here to tell you that it’s entirely possible.

And it all comes down to this ONE simple technique!

In fact, using this simple secret allowed me to start my property empire and buy my first property when I was just 21.

Today I’ve managed to add more than 91 properties from around the world to my personal portfolio, and I’ve also been involved in over 497 property deals to date.

If that wasn’t enough, I’m also a director at six separate property businesses located around the world.

And I have this one simple property investing technique to thank for all of it.

So, what is this money-making property investing secret? And how can you use it to grow rich with property?

Let me show you…


The Real Estate 'Loophole' You Can Use To Build Your Property Empire


It’s called the OPM Property Formula.

And if you ask me, this is the REAL secret to profitable property investing, and how ordinary people like you and I can really make millions from the property market.

Yes, millions!

But what exactly is it and how does it work?

Well, you use something called OPM – Other People’s Money!

Basically, it’s a form of leverage where you’re putting down a small amount of money (a deposit for example), in order to get your hands on a larger property worth much, much more.

The idea is that you’ll then purchase a property and get tenants to pay it off for you (all whilst other people’s money funds the deal), or you could sell the property for a juicy profit!

If that wasn’t enough, you could even get other people to pay for those initial deposits too. But more on that later…

What I love about this technique is that you can generate high rates of return with very little actual money in your back pocket!

So, if you’ve always wanted to get into property, but have never had the money, then this was MADE FOR YOU!

Think of it like this, let’s say you put down R10,000 to secure a half a million-rand unit in a new development. Naturally you’d need to fund the remaining R490,000 (which most people would get a bond for).

You can either place a tenant in that unit and get them to pay off your bond from day one or, should you decide to sell down the line, you could make a capital gain (the difference between what you bought and sold it for) - Just think of the ROI (return on investment) you’d get!

Say you sold the unit for R50,000 more than the purchase price (R550,000), your ROI would be a hefty 500%!

But do you know what I love most about this technique?

The more OPM (other people’s money) you use, the more money you will make!

Crazy, right?

Essentially, the more OPM you can inject into a property deal, the higher your return on investment will be at the end of the day.

Take a look:

OPM Deal Example

Sure, for the sake of these examples I’ve left out certain costs and expenses (rent, interest, etc), but I think it’s pretty clear that you’re effectively placing down a small amount of money in order to gain control over much larger, wealth-building properties.

AND the more OPM you use, the higher your return will be on your investment!

Now what you need to know is that OPM can come in many shapes and forms.

It’s far more than just rental cheques and bank bonds!

In fact, it’s exactly this knowledge that makes the OPM Formula so lucrative, and why some property investors accumulate property after property after property with such ease.

When it comes to real OPM, the smart property investor knows where to look, what to do, and how to find it.

And today I want to show you how to do the same!

Because I’m going to give you their secrets, and show you exactly what you need to do, to get other people to pay for your property empire!

It all comes down to something called The SA Property Investor.

So, if you’re new to the property market and have always wanted to invest in property but just don’t have the money, or if you’re looking to grow your property portfolio further – Then I’m here to tell you that The SA Property Investor was MADE FOR YOU!

But before I go on, let me introduce myself…


The Confessions of A Serial Property Investor


Hi! I’m Dave Johnson (That’s me on the right)Dave Johnson | The SA Property Investor

I’ve been passionate about property for as long as I can remember.

And like you, I’ve always been aware that property is the gateway to real wealth.

That’s why I’ve been in the game for so long.

I have countless years’ worth of priceless experience in residential property investing, and even bought my first investment property at the age of 21!

Two years later I moved to the UK and learnt the real tricks of the property trade through two incredible property mentor’s I was extremely lucky to find.

And since then I haven’t looked back.

In just the last decade alone I’ve become the director of six different property businesses, I’ve built my personal property portfolio to over 91 properties, and I’ve been involved in more than 497 property deals to date.

If that wasn’t enough, I’m passionate about helping aspiring property investors and give them the kind of support they all need but very rarely get, which means I still travel across the country coaching and teaching investors how to build their property portfolio's.

To date I’ve helped train over 15,382 property investors.

And today I want you to be one of them.

That’s why I want to share my intimate knowledge of the power of OPM with you.

Every trick, every secret, and every technique I’ve used to grow my wealth through property using other people’s money!

You see, it’s the secret weapon I’ve used for years to build my portfolio and property businesses, and in a few short minutes I’m going to help you do exactly the same...

But how do I know this?

Let me explain…


How I Made R116,300 In Just 6 Hours Using OPM


I recently came across a fantastic deal in the heart of Randburg.What the property looked like before we got to work

I very regularly attend Sherriff Auction’s, and if you know exactly where to look, and what you’re looking for, the chances of unearthing undervalued property gems are as simple as 1-2-3!

Throw in the OPM Property formula, and you have a recipe for success.

Now, my little black book is brimming with all the right contacts, and at the time I knew an investor looking for a good deal. Thankfully I had just the thing.

We came to an agreement – he would fund the deal whilst I would spend the time and manpower on any work that needed to be done – and the deal was sealed very shortly thereafter.

The property set us back a mere R155,000.

Now that might sound like a steal, and you wouldn’t be wrong, but If you’ve ever bought property at an auction before you’ll be well aware of the hidden costs that almost always lurk beneath the surface.

In this case, it was quite extensive.Transforming the property

The refurbishment of the unit set us back R41,200, the municipal debts came to R13,200, unpaid levies totaled a mammoth R68,000, not to mention the other numerous costs and fees (transfer fees, agent commission, finance costs etc).

These costs totaled a hefty R353,700.

At that stage, my power team and I quickly got to work, and in less than a day (not even a few hours work), we were done. We were also sitting with a property now filled with some serious profit potential!

We then had the property valued, and the projected sales value came to R460,000.


All that was left to do was sell the unit, which we did.

In fact, the agent even managed to get R470,000 for it!

Take a look:

What we sold the property for

The total costs of the deal came to R353,700, and we secured sale for R470,000. 

That means we made R116,300 on the deal.

Between the auction and the day fixing the property up, it took a total of six hours, and we walked away with a net profit of R58,150.

And I did it using none of my own money.

Do you know any other jobs out there that pay you R9,691 per hour, and you don’t even have to put a cent of your own money down?

This is the power of OPM at work, and when you know how to harness it the possibilities are limitless!

Let’s take a look at another lucrative deal I put together where I used the OPM property formula to help me bank extra pay-cheques every month…


The Secret To Banking A Second Pay-Cheque EVERY Month While Other People Do ALL The Hard Work


OPM has the power to bank you monthly pay-cheques if you know how to use it properly.Grimsby: The Before Shots

Take this deal for example…

I came across a brilliant hidden opportunity in Grimsby in the UK.

It was a property that had been standing empty for some time.

It looked really worse for the wear, and most people had made a point to avoid the property altogether! I mean just look at it?!

But where other people saw a problem, I saw a profit.

The 3-bedroom property set me back a mere £37,000 – Which was a fraction of its real value!

As always there were a few costs involved with the property. The highest of the lot was the refurbishment cost (which came in at £11,621).How we turned this property into a pay-cheque producer!

With all the other costs included (insurance, electricity reconnection, legal fees, auction commission, valuation, council tax, and the sourcing fee), it came to £14,880.

With all these costs involved, I very easily could’ve used my own money. But elite property investors don’t need to do that, and this case was no different.

I approached an investor and agreed a deal with him for £55,000 to be paid back at 7% per year.

Now, here’s where it gets really interesting!

At this point, the property was worth a lot more than when I first came across it. But I needed to make it official for my OPM plan to work.

I had the property officially valued, it came out at almost double what I’d bought it for: £60,000.

Take a look:

Grimsby Valuation

This gave me an ace up my sleeve, which is what I then used to leverage even more OPM in this deal!

I’d carefully calculated the numbers (naturally they all checked out), and I then refinanced the property for £60,000 (its current valuation).

The loan-to-value was at 75%, and the interest rate was at 3.8%. That means the loan amount came to £45,000.

In total the money invested came to £55,300 and I was able to pay back my initial investor. All I was then left with was the refinanced mortgage on the property.

I placed a tenant in the property at the agreed rental of £450pm.

Of that monthly amount, I use £142 to pay back the mortgage (75% LTV and 3.8%pa), £54 goes to a management fee (12%), and a further 10% goes to MOE at £45.

That leaves me with a net monthly cash flow of £209!

Converting back to rand, that’s an additional R41,702 in my bank account every year. And that happens whilst other people manage my property and do all the work, and other investors paid for the deal!

I now have an asset growing in value each and every year, a tenant who pays me every month, other people who do all the hard work for me, and I now have all the time in the world to find more of these hidden gems just waiting to pay me!

This is how the property elite build their wealth.

Are you starting to see the mammoth potential, not to mention the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity OPM offers you?

Now, I’m sure by this point you’re probably wondering where exactly you can find these hidden property opportunities, the investors waiting to fund your property deals, not to mention the real secrets behind using OPM, and precisely how to grow your wealth through property…

Well, that’s where The SA Property Investor comes in.

Because when you get your name down today, not only will you get your hands on all of this and more, but I’m going to hand you the actual keys to your property empire!

How exactly am I, and The SA Property Investor, going to do that?


Are You Ready To Become Real Estate Rich?


The SA Property Investor really is as straight forward as property investing gets.

Each and every month I’ll send you the best deals I come across in both the buy-to-let space and all the hidden bargains I uncover from the auction world.

My team and I will do ALL the analysis, all the hard work, and all the number crunching, so you don’t have to!

Not only will I reveal all the highly guarded, elite property secrets behind financing the deals we uncover, but I’ll even give you access to my lucrative property investment strategy that makes this all possible.

And if that wasn’t enough, each and every quarter I’ll release my members-only Property Development Report, where I’ll do a full analysis on the best areas to invest in and the best new developments to take advantage of in those areas.

My team and I have a number of key relationships with some of the country’s biggest and best property developers, so we’ve negotiated special deals that you’ll only get access to in this report. If you want the first pick on some of the best property deals in the country, this report is all you need.

I know how daunting investing in property can seem, which is why I’ve made sure that everything you get is written in plain English, so anyone can understand!

There’s none of that confusing, over-the-top jargon most property people like to throw around.

Just the information you need, in a clear and concise way that makes it easy to understand, and even easier to put into action!

You see, when you take out your risk-free subscription of The SA Property Investor today, here’s everything you’re going to receive:

  • The SA Property Investor Monthly Issues: Each and every month I’ll reveal the best deals in the most profit-packed areas from around the country, not to mention I’ll reveal the most lucrative auction bargains you can get your hands on! I’ll even include all the tips, tricks and techniques on how you can finance your deals using the highly coveted secrets the property elite don’t want you to know.
  • My Entire Back Catalogue: I’ll give you access to the entire SA Property Investor editorial back-catalogue, so you can review my analysis on the property market from the comfort of your own home. I’m constantly adding profit-packed content to the member’s section, and with your subscription you’ll get access to it all!
  • My Complete Property Investment Library: I’ve put together a number of guides, reports and tools I believe every property investor should have access to. Most investors charge thousands for this stuff (that’s if they even give any of it away), but I believe if you want to understand the property market and how to invest in it, then these are crucial to your journey! There are 11 guides, reports and tools in total, and they offer you a world class property investment education previously only reserved for the wealthy elite.
  • The Property Development Report Every Quarter: We’ve negotiated the best deals with the country’s top property developers. Tap into our real estate network and be the first in the country to get your hands on exclusive property deals, available in the BEST neighborhoods, you simply won’t find anywhere else!
  • FREE Email Alert Service: I want to make sure that you don’t miss a thing! Your alerts will bring you the latest updates the property world has to offer, from buy-to-let bargains and the half-price property deals that can offer you the enormous profits you need to become a property tycoon. You’ll get everything you need to start building your property portfolio straight to your inbox.
  • FREE Email Subscription To Property Secrets: Your FREE Property Secrets online advisory will give you intelligent, easy to read analysis of the property market, combined with the best and latest actionable property investment ideas. Everything’s explained in simple terms by our team of professional property investment experts so you can put them to work to build your own market-beating, income-producing property portfolio.
  • FREE ACCESS To Our Comprehensive Members-Only Website: You’ll get your hands on everything you need to grow rich with property in our members area! From our research, to past issues, free reports & tools, courses that only we put together – And much, much more! I’ll make sure you get your login details as soon as you join.
  • FREE SMS Service: Life comes at you fast, so if you’re ever too busy to go online, or check your email, then our free SMS’s will alert you of all the new deals right away! You won’t miss a thing.
  • FREE Tickets To Our Annual Property Gala: From 2018 onwards we’ll be launching our annual property investors gala, where you can join a room full of exclusive property investors, developers and likeminded property people. You’ll get to network with the property elite, get access to exclusive once-off deals, and of course you’ll be served with a delicious meal and the best food and drink on offer. Your seat is waiting for you…


Yes! I Want To Join The SA Property Investor

But I’m not done yet…

That’s not all you’ll get with your SA Property Investor membership. When you get your name down today, I’ll also throw in 11 value-packed property guides, reports and tools.

Here’s just a small taste of what you’ll get:

The SA Property Investor Welcome Pack

  • The Buy-To-Let Bible: The Simple, No-Brainer System You Can Use To Build Your Property Empire With Someone Else's Bank Account
  • The Auction Investors Toolkit: How To Snap Up Profit-Packed Properties Selling For Half Their Real Value
  • The Secret R10,000 Property Blueprint: The Real Estate 'Loophole' You Can Use To Buy Property For R10,000 Or Less!
  • The OPM Property Formula: How To Build Your Property Empire Using Other People’s Money
  • The Bond Killer: How To Claim A 50% Discount On ANY Bond In Two Easy Steps
  • The Property Pro's Finance Guide: How To Finance Your Property Deals No Matter What Your Bank Balance Is
  • The Offshore Property Formula: The Real Secret To Finding The Best Property Deals From Around The World
  • The 7 Fatal Mistakes of First Time Property Investors: Skip The Steep Property Learning Curve By Avoiding These 7 Deadly Mistakes
  • The Secrets of SA’s Best Property Investors: Discover What Money-Making Property Investors Do That Most Investors Don't
  • Tenant Application Form: The Tool You Need To Find The Types of Tenants Who Are Itching To Put Money In Your Back Pocket EVERY Month
  • Tenant Rental Agreement: The Ultimate Buy-To-Let Shortcut You Can Use To Make Sure You're Covered No Matter What Your Tenant Does

And the best part?

Join The SA Property Investor risk-free today and these reports, guides and tools are yours to keep, even if you cancel your membership!

So, I’m sure by now you’re wondering what all of this going to set you back?

I’ve seen this kind of stuff pushed by so-called “experts” for as much as R25,000 for one day courses, or even as much as R15,000 per year for annual subscriptions.

Heck, I’ve even seen “mentorship programmes” run into the hundreds of thousands!

That’s crazy!

I really want to make this as easy for you as possible.

Which is why I want to offer you a limited time only, special launch price, if you join today.

If you place your risk-free order today, you can get your SA Property Investor subscription for just R97 a month!

Better yet, you’ll lock this price in FOR LIFE. No matter how many times we raise the price, you’ll lock in your limited time only special price of R97pm…


Yes! I Want To Join The SA Property Investor


That’s Right, Only R97!


You read that right – Only R97.

It’s not a typo, and there isn't a zero missing (I promise).

It’s less than a meal for two from Woolies…

A pizza will even cost more than that!

Heck, a quick trip to the garage just to pick up a few things will even set you back more.


You can join an elite group of private property investors, learn how to understand and make money from the property market, get access to both my back catalogue and issues, every buy-to-let and auction opportunity I release each month, my full product library including all the guides, reports and tools mentioned above, but most of all I’ll be giving you the roadmap you can use to build long term wealth through property.

The choice is yours.

Now, if you think I’m just going to leave it there, guess again!

I’ll even throw in my 90-day money back guarantee.Your 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

So, for the next 90 days you can run through everything, start building your property portfolio, and you can put yourself on the path to boosting your wealth through property.

And if at ANY time during those 90 days, for whatever reasons whatsoever, you decide that The SA Property Investor just isn’t for you, simply get in touch with us…

And we’ll refund every cent!

I wasn’t kidding when I said I wanted to make this easy for you.

It really doesn’t get any easier, better, or simpler than that!

It really is risk free – You either get the results you want or you get your money back.

There are no strings attached, no “hidden trials”, no contracts, and no catches.


Yes! I Want To Join The SA Property Investor


Here’s What You Need To Do…


If you’ve always wanted to get into property, but have never had the money, then The SA Property Investor was made just for you!

When you get your name down today, not only will I teach you how to invest in property, how to decode the property market and build your wealth, but I’ll also do it at no risk to you.

You either get the results you want, or you get your money back!

If you’re a fledgling property investor, a novice real estate tycoon or if you’re just starting out in the property market, I urge you to take out your subscription to The SA Property Investor today!

This is everything I know I would’ve wanted when I first started out.

The tools to build your property empire are there for the taking...

…all you have to do is USE THEM!

And price shouldn’t be an issue, because you can get instant access to your subscription (plus all 11 free gifts) for just R97 starting today.

It’s the smallest investment you can possibly make in order to build your property empire.

And I would know, I’ve looked!

There’s not another service like this in the country.

I’ve subscribed to everything I could get my hands on, bought every locally written book possible, went to all the property investment courses I could find…

None of them offer you the high-quality research, exclusive information, value for money, and pure profit potential that The SA Property Investor does.

And if that wasn’t enough, I’m so confident that The SA Property Investor will work for you that I’m giving you a 90-day money-back guarantee.

That’s my promise to you.

You really have nothing to lose, and only a lifetime of wealth to gain.

Click here to secure your subscription today!

Until then, be bold and go build your property portfolio.

Dave Johnson Signoff

Dave Johnson
Analyst, The SA Property Investor
The Money Lab


Yes! I Want To Join The SA Property Investor



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