4 Quick Steps To Reduce Your Retirement Fund Fees

Written by Vunani Private Clients on April 7th, 2016

4 Quick Steps To Reduce Your Retirement Fund Fees

According to a recent Treasury report, you could be losing out on as much as 3.6% per year on your retirement fund.

That is a staggering 50% less in your pocket at retirement!

Based on a recent study we conducted, we found that you could save a serious amount of money when it came to your retirement.

In fact, there are four specific things you can do right now to make this happen.

Let me show them to you.


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How To Make Sure You’re Not Giving Away 50% of Your Retirement!

Fee Saving Step #1: Reduce Expensive Administration And Platform Fees

At Vunani Private Clients we’ve removed all deductions from monthly contribution admin fees levied by our now retired administrators.

We reduced administration costs massively by negotiating with our new service provider for the lowest cost base available and passed those benefits on to our members.

Our platform also now provides all members with a Global Standard on-line reporting facility, support and compliance.

Reducing administration and platform fees is a big way to save on your retirement pot at the end of the day!


Fee Saving Step #2: Cut Out Up-Front Advisor Fee Loading On Monthly Contributions

We’ve also cut overall fees by more than half and scrapped up-front fees levied against member’s monthly contributions.

Every little bit helps, and if you can cut out any up-front levies, you really should do so.


Fee Saving Step #3: No Layers of Unnecessary Fees

We’ve reduced overall fund management fees by as much as 50% for contributing members in certain specialist funds.

We’ve even halved their advisor fee to 50 basis points per year.

If you can cut out any layers of unnecessary fees in your investments, do it!


Fee Saving Step #4: Get Rid of All The Inflexibilities

You really should have access to a quality, diversified selection of local and off-shore investment options.

We’ve specifically introduced direct JSE personal share portfolio options for the larger individual fund members, who now monitor their own bespoke self-invested private portfolio pension plan online, and at half the cost!

Our investors also enjoy a full suite of alternative investments, exchange traded funds, unit trusts, including local and international bond fund choices and global exposure to all members via the Glacier platform.

If your investments are inflexible and you’re forced into a select group or investment area, that inflexibility could hinder your performance at the end of the day by not being able to switch into more fee-efficient investment vehicles.






How To Pay Less Fees On Your Retirement Or Pension Fund

When it comes to your retirement you need to be active and vigilant.

No-one cares about your money more than you.

Or your retirement for that matter!

You can cut down on the fees you’ll pay on your retirement investments.

More specifically, to do so you need to:

  • Reduce expensive administration and platform fees
  • Cut out up-front advisor fee loading on monthly contributions
  • Make sure there are no layers of unnecessary fees
  • Get rid of all the inflexibilities

Implement these four things where you can and give yourself the retirement you want.

Until then here’s to good money management.

Peter Warren

Peter Warren
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PS: At Vunani Private Clients, we delved a little deeper into our own funds and identified a number of the things I mentioned above. We did so in order to give our clients a better quality of service and product!

We negotiated a new deal & switched our service provider and all our employees and members are better off, and delighted with this change!

They pay less, and have a better retirement coming their way.

I want to share this experience with you.

Why pay certain fees when you simply don’t have to?

Let me do all the ground work and present you with the findings. No costs at all!

All I need is just twenty minutes of your time to show you how I can do this for you too, click here to book an initial discussion or send me an email.